Lent blog, Week 1

Hello darlings!

Heather B. here, blogging as promised in my vlogs. I am vlogging my journey through Lent where I am giving up Coca Cola, and with your ideas and support, we have together created the Improve Yourself Love Yourself Campaign! I'm enjoying talking to y'all about the different ways you're trying to better yourselves and your lives.  

Now, I know some people are viewing the Lent thing as just some religious ritual. That's not why I'm doing this. Yes, my mother is Irish Catholic, and yes she makes me do something every year, but that's the limit of my participation. We have wanted to do some kind of health/life improvement segment, and I thought this was the perfect platform to start!

Now if you don't watch my vlogs, I'll fill you in each week here. I decided to give up Coca Cola because I was consuming way too much and it was becoming a crutch. The first six days have been pretty easy, except I keep having these vicious body cramps. Y'all have given some great suggestions and I'm following them all! So far no difference but I'm going to keep at it.

I am also going to use this time to get more organized, and because of impending weight loss from my endometriosis treatment (bonus side effect!), I've altered my workout routine to accommodate whenever it may happen. I still am doing my yoga daily and meditation about 4-5 days a week. My daughter and I do night time yoga and we have exercises in the morning plus I give her basic dance lessons til she's old enough to start classes. She's a big reason why I'm doing all of this, because more than anything, kids look to their parental figures when modeling behavior. I want to be as good a role model as I can. So I am always looking to improve myself and show her the beauty in life and existence.

I'd love to hear from y'all, whether it's tips for me, what y'all are doing for Lent or the Improve Yourself Love Yourself Campaign or just in general! I'd love to have a nice forum where we can help and support each other throughout this. Comment below!

Also, since I made it the week without drinking any Coca Cola, I'm giving something away! Check back here for an update with more detail!

Keep tipsy, gypsies!

~Heather B.

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